I want to be the minority

“La soledad puede sentirse aun rodeada de cariño, si no se tiene el Amado con A mayúscula.”

25 de marzo de 2009

All I wanna do is kick the welfare, all I wanna do is get my share And I don't wanna run for the president, I just want an honest way to pay my rent And I'm tired of the man always shuttin' us down, Tired of my old man 'cause he's never around And I'm tired of eating off of other people's plates, And I don't look important, so they're tellin' me to wait Police records said they wouldn't exist, I wanna know the meaning of a Christmas list.

2 comentarios:

Debii dijo...

Por qué mierda no vienen a la Argentina ¬¬

mariieszurdaa dijo...

yo tmn
encima los avances de la seis estan muiiiiiiiiiiiii buenos